Who I am?

Hi! My name is Francisco Diaz, I am a website and app developer, currently studying Computer Games Technology at Abertay University.

Personal Information

My Background

I was born in Malaga, Spain. Despite being 26 years old I have been working in severals countries around the world (USA, England, Spain and Scotland).

My Hobbies

Since I was a child I have been keen on activities like hiking, horse riding and swimming. This year I have found out that I am really into Calisthenics. More of my great passions are watching TV series and traveling.

My Future Perspective

I can't imagine my life without knowing new countries and cultures. When I finish my university studies (postgraduate included). I plan to travel to Australia or Canada where I would like to settle down.

Professional Information

Web Development

Graduate in Web Application Development (HND).
I acquired experience in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap

App Development

Graduated in Multiplatform Application development (HND).
I have acquired experience in:

  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Json
  • AndroidStudio

Game Development

Computer Games Technology Student BSc (Hons).
I acquired experience in:

  • C++
  • Git
  • Unity
  • SFML

My Projects

Fruit Machine

Assessment for Programming with C++ (CMP104)


Dinno Runner Game

Project for Games Programming (CMP105). 


Gaysper - WAStickerApps

Stickers for Whatsapp (Madrid Pride 2019)

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Projects during my internship


App and website version which are aimed for the wellness in companies. This include diets, training tables, etc. 
I was working as only front-developer.
The development of this multiplatform application was started in my first month in the company MaxValley.

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App with which you can earn money in exchange for watching short ads.
I was working as front-developer. This app was started by an ex-worker in the company. I continued his work until its launch.

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La gran aventura de los Lunnis

Education game based on Lunnis' Cartoons which is aimed for children. They can learn about the life of  historical characters.
I worked with a group of front-developers.

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